Rein's Dutch Boat Shop


Grand Banks

Rein is doing well at the Freeland erwtensoep wharf.  More and more manufacturers of small, big, luxury and even antique boats sell or rent through Rein's.


Chinese BAP

Update  250702

Mr. Berserk666 has surprised us with some great Amercian Style Boats, available both in dock-style and with passengers/workers aboard.

Coast Guard

Update  200402

Utilies updated with Marina Huizerhoofd Items ao.
Grand Banks updated with Cathmelars cruisers. Sloepen updated with Phantoms Viking Ship.
Simboats updated with two-sized versions of the Simtrawler and all other boats from the game.


Update  200302

Rein is growing out of the boating business.
Next to the Chinese harbor he found an old BAP-museum, where he made all his Chinese stuff available.

Chinese Vessels

American Style

Update  100302

Rein's opened a new facility at a Chinese harbor.
Go there and find out what fabulous vessels are for sale or for rent.

Update  050202

A whole new type of ships is available now at Rein's.  Our special agent Berserk found fantastic galleons from old ages.

And there is more: two new sloepen donated by Cathmelar and more by his hand to come in the near future.